Completion Year : 2018

It is a tradition in China to give out red packets with "lucky" money inside to friends and family during the Chinese New Year. Comparing to the content in the packets, conveying the best wishes is more meaningful.

The red packets include four designs. The are round as circle plays an important role in Chinese literature and art, and is a representation of Chinese culture. The round shape resembles ancient money, which conveys the wish of wealth in the red packets. The four designs have the same color and shape, but each has their particular way of opening. They are redesigned to be different from  traditional envelope shape packets to bring people more joy and memory when receiving the red packets.

Red Pocket_Shel Han_1.jpg
Red Pocket_Shel Han_2.jpg
Red Pocket_Shel Han_3.jpg
Red Pocket_Shel Han_4.jpg
Red Pocket_Shel Han_6.jpg
Red Pocket_Shel Han_7.jpg